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About us @ COCR

Growing up in Scandinavia, nudity was not really an issue. We basically grew up nudists without putting that label on walking around naked at home with parents or siblings, sunbathing or going swimming naked.

Since then, we have sought chances to enjoy sun and water in the nude and live like nudists. We are members of AANR and we are enjoying our naturist life at COCR.

Despite our Scandinavian roots, we have always turned our eyes to the South when traveling for pleasure. In 1980, we emigrated to Virginia and found a climate much better than what we were used to in Denmark, but our vacations would generally take us even further south – and always to bodies of water. Over the years, we have seen many beautiful places, but it was always good to go back home to Virginia.

In the summer of 2000, we traveled BandAto Nosara, Costa Rica, for the first time. We stayed at a small resort, which a friend had made us aware of. It was love at first sight! Nosara had everything we like: beach, ocean, warm weather, tropical fruits, fresh fish, original, local flair and friendly people – all of it making us feel very much “at home”. A building lot for sale nearby kept calling us. Building in a Central American country has been a very interesting experience! It has taken a little blood, lots of sweat and some tears - and more patience than we thought we had, but we love the result.

One of the things we love the most, is our location on top of the hill above Playa Pelada, because it gives us the most beautiful view, plenty of cooling breezes and a lot of peace and quiet. Tall fences and walls surround the property, for total privacy and security.

We invite you to share in our dream - and, don’t be surprised if you too will want to keep coming back. Nosara has a way of getting you hooked! We are living here now and look forward to many, happy years in Nosara.