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Maps - Directions

There are many ways to get to our resort on the Pacific Ocean in Nosara, Costa Rica. We have been coming here for over 10 years and we will gladly help you with your travel plans.

From Canada, US or Europe we recommend flying into the capital San Jose or into the other international airport in Liberia. From either place you can continue flying to Nosara with a small commuter plane; although in many cases the connection is not "ideal". You can take a taxi or rent a car and drive, which from Liberia takes 2+ hours and from San Jose 4-5 hours, depending on the traffic and the season. You may also want to consider taking a day to visit San Jose and see many of its attractions, before heading to the coast to relax at your condo or by the pool.

If you have time to watch airfares for a while before booking, you can enter your desired itinerary at and ask for email notification when there are changes in price. and are great places to see what everybody has to offer in airfares and car rentals.

Should you wish to explore San Jose, we can recommend a driver who speaks English very well and has been very popular with previous guests. He can also bring you to Nosara, please inquire about the current cost. If you are a group - 5+ people - a van is recommended. Depending on your schedule, the driver might have to spend a night in Nosara, which will be added to the transfer cost.

From Liberia a taxi-van can usually be arranged for midday arrivals. If you arrive on the evening flight you should plan on checking in at a hotel for the night. We do not suggest that you drive after dark, unless you are very familiar with the roads and conditions.

For lots of information on all kinds of transportation and links to maps, please go here GettingThere.htm

Depending on your arriving airport, time of day, number of people, etc. we can give you recommendations on how to get to Nosara.

If there is interest for something special – like a tour to Ostional to see the turtles (in season) – we can make recommendations on that also.

All that said, we do recommend that you rent your own car, (inquire about our discount rate) either at the airport or after arriving in Nosara. It just gives you so much more freedom to explore beyond where your legs will carry you. The closest beach, Playa Pelada, is 10-12 minutes’ walk away and you won’t need a car for that. You can also walk over to Playa Guiones and the Nosara River.

Lagarta Lodge, the nearest restaurant, is within easy walking distance and you can safely walk there for sunset drinks and dinner and come back in the dark, if you bring a flash light. A couple of other restaurants nearer to the beach are within walking distance, but it is not an easy walk back if it is dark – which happens rapidly around 6 pm.