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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between Clothing Optional (C/O) and Nudist/Au Natural facilities?
A: A resort or beach that is Clothing Optional means that you can be dressed or nude in the designated areas - your choice. Many first timers prefer Clothing Optional locations because it gives them a chance to "ease" out of their clothes. A Nude or Nudist facility or beach usually means that you are expected to be out of your clothes completely in the designated areas.

At our clothing optional resort, there will never be any pressure for you, or any guest, to do anything which you find uncomfortable. Our guests are mature and sophisticated; a live and let live philosophy is key to the enjoyment of an alternative lifestyle.

Q: We've never been on a clothing-optional vacation. What is it like?
A: A clothing optional vacation is just like your other vacations - with one major exception - you don't have to wear clothes. A growing number of people are enjoying these types of vacations.
Clothing-Optional or Nude recreation has been very common in Europe for many years.

Most people are anywhere from a bit leery to very apprehensive about taking off their clothes in front of strangers the first time. Keep in mind that most other people had the same feeling their first time. You will find that experienced nudist are most courteous of "first timers" and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Most of us have been taught all through our lives to put on clothing, and we have done so every day of our lives. It is just as natural to feel a little nervous the first time you take your clothes off as an adult, as it was natural to drop your clothes when you were a two year old. After doing it once, you will feel exhilarated with your ability to shed a little inhibition. For many people, their new personal confidence strengthens when you go back to the clothing world. Taking off your clothing becomes easier and easier each time. Most ask themselves why they waited so long to try it.

People in the nude like each other for how they act, not for how they are dressed. It's exciting, it's fun, it's a confidence builder, it's natural!

Most first-timers who choose to be naked adjust to social nudity in a matter of minutes and discover it’s not nearly as big a deal as they thought it would be. Some feel self-conscious before they undress since they might be the only ones not nude.

There are two pretty good methods of going about getting "nekkid" for the first time.

1. Many first timers will choose destinations that are clothing optional for their first trip. Optional means exactly what it implies - you can choose to wear as little or as much of your clothes as you want. This way you can work out of your cover a bit more slowly until you are comfortable.

2. Just jump right in and "Go for it". If you have already made the decision to go to a clothing optional or nude place, you have already passed the biggest hurdle. When you get there, head out to the pool and quickly strip all the way out of your clothing, just as if you have been doing it all of you life. Remember... most likely the other people are "nekkid" too... so it's not a big thing for them to see you in your birthday suit. Without clothes we are just people.

You could also “practice” at home first. Try to sleep in the nude, don’t put on clothes until you have to leave the house and take them off when you come back home. After you have tried sunning or swimming in the nude, you will wonder why you did not do that sooner.

Q: What are the people like?
A: Just like you and me! The great thing about going to a clothing optional destination is that everybody is the same. Any pretensions of class or position are usually quickly lost and everybody seems to fit together and socialize together. You will find yourself relating to others on the basis of who you are rather than who your clothes say you are.

You’ll find a cross section of society, with people representing all colors, religions, occupations, body types, age groups, and social levels. Without clothes, however, it’s less likely you’ll know a bank president from a bus driver.

As of April 2009, 55 million people in America had enjoyed organized nude recreation and the nudist vacation business was worth $ 400 million a year. If not main stream, it is no longer uncommon.

Q: My body is far from perfect. Won't I be embarrassed?
A: If you're going to a nude/CO place expecting to see a nude version of "Baywatch" you're likely to be disappointed - or relieved as the case may be. One quick look around and you will soon realize that as we mentioned before, most everyone is just like you and me. You see bodies of all types, shapes and sizes. Not wearing clothes is nothing to be self-conscious about.

Self-acceptance and total relaxation in a stress-free, nude environment could result in one of the healthiest physical and mental lifestyle changes possible - total acceptance of who you are on the inside as well as on the outside. You will be free of the desire to judge yourself and others on the basis of physical appearance.

Q: Do men get visibly excited?
A: Very rarely. Nudist/CO places are far less sexually charged than places where bikinis, thongs, or other provocative clothing, are worn. On the rare occasion where this occurs, simply don a towel, turn over, or take a quick dip in the pool. If all else fails, try counting backwards by 13's from 1000.

FAQ’s about COCR/Casa-Banda in particular:

Q: Must I go nude all the time at Casa-Banda?
A: Absolutely not! Our resort is clothing optional, which means you never have to be nude. Most everyone goes nude around the pool area and inside the apartments, and you are absolutely free to go around free of clothes wherever you feel comfortable doing it and there is no view from outside.
However, not going nude at all might cause others to question your objective for being at a CO place. An imbalance between the number of people with and without clothes could also result in a loss of the clothes-optional ambiance.

We will ask you about where everybody in your party falls on the "nude scale". That way we can make recommendations for the timing of your reservation so we can achieve the best balance between nudists and "textiles".

Q: Will there be single people?
A: Clothing Optional Costa Rica / Casa-Banda caters primarily to couples, but singles are not excluded. We will evaluate each request from a single guest, and consider things like: good standing membership of nudist organizations; referrals from other couples; part of a group or a couple; widowed / divorced from a nudist couple, and number of singles.

Q: My spouse is not that much into nudity, but I am. Is this a problem?
A:No problem. Actually we decided to make this a clothing optional resort, so you have a choice whether you want to be nude or not. We want to offer a place where a couple can relax and enjoy their vacation together, even if only one is a naturist. We do expect that at least one of you is a nudist. This also applies if you bring guests. At least 50% of occupants of each apartment must be nude at least in and around the pool.

Q: Do you offer any kind of entertainment during the day and in the evening?
A:We do not offer any kind of organized entertainment at the resort. However, frequently guests will plan to BBQ in the rancho for a cozy evening meal with laughter and fun, and then have a nude swim (in the lighted pool) to end the perfect evening. Many friendships have been formed at the resort. We can of course help you plan many things to do during the day or evening, such as horse back riding, surfing, boat river tour, canopy tour, etc. Please visit our Information Links page for information on all the activities around the resort. On a clear evening with a new moon, you will also be able to see an astonishing amount of stars. It is an impressive sight, even if you are not into astronomy.

Q: Can we bring our children to the resort?
A:All tenants and visitors must be 18 years or older. This is a Costa Rican law, if there is any nudity to be found, so we can and will not make any exception to this. This rule also applies when the resort is open for non-naturists at other times of the year. This adult-only atmosphere also means that it is quiet and relaxing to be at the pool.

Q: Can we bring a pet?
A:No, Casa-Banda has a "No pet policy".

We really are like most other clothing optional / nudist resorts, just not very big, and all the same "Do's and Don'ts" apply at Casa-Banda.

A little about "Nude Etiquette".
• Always keep a towel handy and put it over any furniture you sit on. (It's Good hygiene)
• Don't stare or "gawk" at other people who are nude.
• Refrain from any crude or lewd remarks about another person’s body or appearance.
• Save your picture taking for when nobody else is around and/or ask permission if anyone else is going to be included in your photographs or videos.
• Observe the "rules of the house". Sometimes it is necessary to stay clothed. Early Wednesday morning, when the pool service comes, would be one such time.
• Please adhere to the policies of proper conduct and behavior set forth by organisations like American Association of Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society. This means that overt sexual behavior or the appearance of such behavior is unacceptable if other people are around or can witness it. Behavior "never needing an apology" will always be right.
If you have a question that is not addressed here, please send us an email and we will answer you directly.

A few musings by Liz Egger

Liz is the author of “The Complete Guide to Nudism & Naturism” (ISBN 9780956231307, $ 16.15 at which is now in its second edition and is a must-have for everyone tempted by (or just intrigued by) the nudist way of life. It tells you everything you want to know about nudism, but didn’t know who to ask! 1: Getting naked, even for a short time, can help save your life! I’m not being overly dramatic here. It really seems that divesting yourself of tight, restrictive clothing that impedes the natural flow of blood and lymphatic fluid may be a real life-saver. According to researchers, wearing a bra can cause all manner of unpleasantness, including soreness and even breast cancer. In cultures where ladies don’t wear bras, the incidence of breast cancer is about the same as it is for men – virtually zero! And it’s not only the ladies who are at risk. The same research suggests that testicular cancer in men may be caused by tight briefs. So, divesting yourself of bra and briefs, even for the short period of your vacation, could keep you much healthier.
2: Less clothes = less luggage = less hassle When packing for a vacation, don’t we always pack way too much, much more than we end up needing? Except for a clothing optional/nudist vacation! Then, all we need is: Suitable clothing for travelling Shorts/skirt/tee-shirt for any non-nudist (referred to in nude-speak as “textile”) excursions and, ummm… well that’s about it really for clothes.
3: Skin doesn’t stain Our skin is wonderful. Not only is it the largest organ of our body, but it always fits perfectly (OK. Sometimes some of us may have a just a little more than is necessary, but you know what I mean.) Happily, it’s also easier to keep clean than fabric. Whilst maple syrup may not be particularly easy to remove from a naked chest – especially a hirsute male one – it‘s a whole lot easier than washing it out of a silk or cotton shirt. Nor does it leave a stain.
4: It makes more sense to be naked when swimming than to wear a bathing suit. Let’s face it. A swim suit serves no useful purpose. It doesn’t keep us dry, or warm, and doesn’t even help us to swim: They’re not even healthy. So why do we wear ‘em To preserve one’s modesty? Hardly. These days, many swim suits are positively miniscule, containing less fabric than a small handkerchief. Bikini tops afford less coverage than two postage stamps on a string, and in any case are rarely worn on European beaches. Bikini bottoms just cover the genitals but often leave the bottom exposed. Which also means that they don’t protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?
5: Nudist resorts are nice places with nice people Every nudist knows that genuine nudists are very nice people. What makes nudists especially nice remains a mystery. Perhaps nudism attracts the pleasantest individuals in the first place, or maybe the practice of nudism somehow improves people. Who knows? And really, who cares? Let’s just enjoy the situation.